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Being a mother isn’t easy.

Maybe you know this story, of a mom who was struggling.

She was caring. Generous. Wanting to do right by her kids.

Still, no matter how hard she tried to reach them, to get them to listen and make good choices, to have a close and loving relationship,
Nothing seemed to work.

It was wearing on her.

She was tired of the arguments, and tired of watching her child struggle. She was at her wits end. She didn’t know what else to do.

She desperately wanted to be a good mom.

She was starting to secretly hate being a mom, and felt guilty for even thinking it… because, though she loves her kids, she’s overwhelmed.

It isn’t easy.

Telling someone how hard it is can be especially difficult, especially if that someone hasn’t lived through similar challenges. Talking to someone who’s been there makes it a little bit easier.

Someone who knows that struggling doesn’t make a mom a bad mom… it makes her a caring mom.  Someone who sees how bravely she goes on, day after day, looking for answers.

I know, because I was that mom. Until I discovered that it’s possible to take the struggle out of being a mom.

There is a solution that works.

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Hi. I’m Deborah Woods,
National Board-Certified Counselor.

I struggled with being a mom raising a special needs child.

Today, he’s all grown up and you’d never guess he had special needs as a child. I couldn’t be more proud of him. We both made it through those hard days and nights.

I was fortunate that being a professional counselor, working with kids and parents in my work life, being surrounded by a team of helping professionals, put me in the position of having access to a wide variety of experts to help me. I had to sift through a lot of advice to find what worked.

I’ve been licensed as a professional counselor in Missouri since 1988. I hold degrees in psychology and counseling. I’ve studied child development, child psychopathology and behavior. In the last 3 decades, I’ve helped hundreds of parents and kids. I’ve spent more than 15,000 hours talking and playing with kids and teens. Along the way, I gathered valuable skills and lessons that I’m honored to share with my clients.

I discovered a unique system of working with kids that made a world of difference.

Do you want to take the struggle out of being a mom?

You’ve come to the right place. Let’s talk about filling your home with more joyful days and peaceful nights.

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You can be the mom you were always meant to be

Come discover the possibilities. Let’s do this together. You can have the respectful, happy kids you’ve always dreamed of having.

Maybe you’re ready now to give me a call and schedule a time to chat about your concerns. If you’d prefer, we could arrange a video chat. There’s no charge to come in and get acquainted.

Reach out to me at 636-795-3155 to arrange a time for us to talk more.

I look forward to exploring how we can make being a mom easier and more fun for you.

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What They Say

“I highly recommend Deborah to any parent that is struggling with their child.  Her teachings were extremely helpful in guiding me towards a more understanding and empathic approach with my child.”

-Allison, St. Charles

“Deborah Woods and Playtime Power have been a complete Godsend, like 100%. A miracle. I’ve discovered how to bond with my daughter in a way I’ve never done before.”

-Rachel, St. Louis

“Deborah has been instrumental in helping our daughter recover from a very difficult time in her life. I would recommend her services to anyone.”

-Tony, St. Louis

“I wish I had had these skills 15 years ago. It is a crying shame that I lived for so long feeling like a bad mom, but I feel incredibly grateful to have these skills now and it is an absolute privilege to recommend Deborah to others.”

-Virginia, St. Louis

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