I meant to take a photograph. Truly I did. In the end, I had to find a stock photo to approximate the loveliness of the experience. I don’t think it really captures it though.

Don’t judge me. It happens to you too. You get so engaged in a moment that all your best intentions are forgotten as you while away the hours indulging in the laughter and conversation.

Lunch today was like that.

For years, my son and I have enjoyed searching out and trying new dining experiences, exotic flavors, intimate little-known spots destined to become overcrowded one day in the near future.

I meant to snap a selfie and share it with you. The hours flew by and the food was gone. I should have gotten a pretty picture of the beautiful plate the owner brought out to the table. At least, I could have gotten a picture of the charming way the Turkish coffee was served. It was super fun!

By the time I thought of getting out my camera, the plates were empty and the opportunity had passed.

You’ve probably had those moments with your kid(s). If you haven’t yet, you will.

Being a mom has it’s hard moments. It also has it’s delightful moments. It’s all a part of the full mommy experience.

Do you know what I mean?

And then, as many things do, lunch came to an end. I was reminded that parting is such sweet sorrow at times like these. A hug and some lingering conversation at the car, then another hug and more parting conversation, followed by yet another hug.

Being a mom has it’s rewards. He even paid for lunch.

I think when that time machine is invented and I can go back and give my younger mom-self some sage advice, I’ll just tell myself about today.

Oh, and here’s a picture of me and my son from a time when my husband insisted on a photo. Thank goodness someone remembers these things!!!