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Empowering Moms & Kids: Unlocking Happiness and Success Together

First and foremost, let me introduce myself. I’m Deborah Woods, National Board-Certified Counselor. Because of my experiences, I am absolutely committed to empowering moms and kids. I love being a counselor for kids and parents. More importantly, I want you to know that I’m here for you and your family. So, having traveled this road, I’m confident that we can tackle any challenges that come our way.

Given this fact, if you need guidance in overcoming childhood challenges that hinder your child’s happiness, you’ve come to the right place. With over 38 years of experience working with real parents who share similar worries and concerns, I’m here to help you get results. The way I see it, my mission in life is to be a child counselor. I couldn’t be happier than when I’m equipping parents and kids with the tools they need to be happy and close.

You see, I’ve faced overwhelming struggles during my own childhood and then, as a mom. Determined to find effective solutions for my family and clients, I never gave up. Despite the challenges we encountered, my son, my husband, and I now share a loving connection that proves what’s possible.

Counselor for kids, Deborah Woods, NCC
Counselor for kids, Deborah Woods, NCC

From Tears to Triumph: A Trusted Child Counselor

Driven by years of tears, tantrums, and research, I’m passionate about empowering families. As a mom, I’ve personally tested and validated the evidence-based strategies I use with clients, ensuring promised results. For that reason, I combine strong credentials and professional training, with experience and resolve to get lasting changes. Moreover, I have deep respect and gratitude for the parents and kids who taught me so much along the way.

Rest assured, I am here to help your family achieve the closeness and joy you long for. Over the years, my expertise brought me notable distinctions. From a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology to a Master of Arts degree in Psychological Counseling, I am well-equipped. In addition, I proudly hold certifications such as National Counselor Board-Certification and a State of Missouri License in Professional Counseling.

Five things that might surprise and delight you – while serving our work together:

I’ve successfully raised a HARD to PARENT child who has become a brilliant man I am proud to call MY SON!

I’ve worked with hundreds of kids and spent more than 15,000 hours playing with kids in my own unique brand of play therapy.

I’ve completed more than 100 hours of training in play therapy including an intensive 2 year training program and supervision in child-centered play therapy.

I’m deeply devoted to helping kids have happy childhoods because I didn’t. I know how to heal from childhood trauma because I have not only healed but have gone on to live a wonderful and flourishing adult life.

I’ve created a unique program for parents that reveals step-by-step the methods used by professional child centered play therapists. In the comfort of their own homes, parents are equipped to create life-changing, relationship-building experiences with their children in just 30 minutes a week.

Essential Translation Guide for Moms – Free!

Here’s something to help you translate those confusing things kids say when they’re upset and angry or overtired or just don’t have the words to tell us what they really need. 

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What They Say

“Words cannot express the gratitude my wife and I have for Deborah!”

– Brad, St. Charles, MO

“Deborah has not only helped me feel more equipped to respect my girls’ feelings while setting appropriate limits for their behaviors, but she has also empowered me to respect my OWN feelings and set appropriate boundaries for myself. ”

– Virginia, St. Louis, MO

“Deborah’s gentle care and support were indispensable through a time that would have otherwise been traumatic.”

– Jamie, St. Charles, MO

“Deborah has been instrumental in helping our daughter recover from a very difficult time in her life. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking a compassionate listener that can assist children in the most difficult situations life can present.”

– Tony, St. Louis, MO

“You’re never prepared for situations that bring you to therapy. I felt like I should have known how to properly help her through that situation. I didn’t understand a lot of stuff until I got the training. We both needed this play therapy.”

– Rachel, St. Louis, MO

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