Being a mom isn’t easy.

I wanted my son to be happy, but the trials were tough. Finding a way through his social fears and ADHD was hard. I’m Deborah Woods, National Board-Certified Counselor, and I struggled raising my son. The big unhappy feelings, disrespectful outbursts, tears, and tantrums weren’t what I expected.

Thankfully, my son’s now a happy man with great people skills.

In facing my son’s upsets, I turned to what I knew best: play therapy. Making use of play therapy at home, I saw remarkable changes. We figured out his emotions and managed his ADHD through creative, therapeutic play. Success at home fueled my passion. Now, having guided thousands of parents and kids, I’ve seen firsthand how play therapy can help kids while making parenting easier and more fun.

Would you like to see a similar change in your home? If you and your child are having a tough time, I can help. Start by coming in for a free parent consultation. Treat yourself. Book an appointment today.

Happy kid and mom smiling with joy in the park.
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Treat Yourself

Parenting trials are embarrassing to let somebody in on. It’s even worse when you’re talking to someone who hasn’t been in your shoes. Sharing with someone who gets it can bring relief, comfort, and hope. Still, you need someone with professional training and know-how.

That’s why I want to make it easier for you to talk about your concerns. Let me treat you to a special gift – a chat with a seasoned professional who truly gets what you’re going through.

I’m extending an invitation for a free parent consultation because you’ve faced enough hardship. This is an ideal time. Borrow my experience and believe that parenting can be easier and more fun.

I invite you to discover joyful days and peaceful nights for both you and your child.

Happy Clients

What they say

“I highly recommend Deborah to any parent that is struggling with their child. Her teachings were extremely helpful in guiding me towards a more understanding and empathic approach with my child.”

“Deborah Woods and Playtime Power have been a complete Godsend, like 100%. A miracle. I’ve discovered how to bond with my daughter in a way I’ve never done before.”

“I was losing hope that I would ever find someone to help my son with his behavioral issues. Deborah’s program taught me so much, not only about my son but also about myself and how I parent. I have seen a steady decline in behavior issues, both at home and at preschool. I honestly did not think play therapy would help at all – but it does wonders! She is really a Godsend.”

“Highly recommend for parents looking for healthy ways to empower their headstrong children.”

Treat Yourself to a Free Parent Consultation.