Because I’m a mom, I get it.

Being a mom isn’t easy.

Hi. I’m Deborah Woods, National Board-Certified Counselor. I know how hard being a mom was for me.

I struggled raising a child with special needs. His big emotions came out as disrespectful behavior, tears and tantrums. 

I felt burnt out and filled with self-doubt. I could see how unhappy he was and it broke my heart.

Now, he’s grown and you’d never know he had special needs as a child. I couldn’t be more proud of him. Along the way, I discovered an easier path that made a world of difference.




Need something now? Here’s a few tools to help.

 Live a little

Treat Yourself

When parenting is hard, talking about it can be even harder, especially if the one you’re talking to hasn’t lived through similar challenges. Talking to someone who’s been there, can make it a little easier. If that someone knows, struggling doesn’t make a mom, a bad mom. Someone who believes that the struggle is an indication of her being a caring mom. When the someone sees how bravely a mom goes on, day after day, looking for answers, sharing her parenting concerns can be the very thing she needs to feel refreshed and hopeful again.

Picking up the phone to call a stranger can be scary. I remember. It was embarrassing to tell a stranger about the struggles I was having with my son. I want you to know, I got you. I’ve been there. That’s why I’m offering you a free get acquainted conversation to help you get started.

I look forward to exploring how we can make being a mom easier and more fun for you. Let’s talk about filling your home with more joyful days and peaceful nights. Take the first step to a happier child.

Happy Clients

What they say

“I highly recommend Deborah to any parent that is struggling with their child. Her teachings were extremely helpful in guiding me towards a more understanding and empathic approach with my child.”

“Deborah Woods and Playtime Power have been a complete Godsend, like 100%. A miracle. I’ve discovered how to bond with my daughter in a way I’ve never done before.”

“I was losing hope that I would ever find someone to help my son with his behavioral issues. Deborah’s program taught me so much, not only about my son but also about myself and how I parent. I have seen a steady decline in behavior issues, both at home and at preschool. I honestly did not think play therapy would help at all – but it does wonders! She is really a Godsend.”

“Highly recommend for parents looking for healthy ways to empower their headstrong children.”

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