Evidence-based adolescent therapy in O’Fallon MO

Help for Teens

Empowering Parents with 3 Proven Pathways

Evidence-based child therapy in O'Fallon, MO


Sometimes a teen needs time alone with a trained professional. Deborah Woods, National Board-Certified Counselor offers evidence-based  therapy for teens.

Evidence-based Child Therapy in O'Fallon, MO

Parent Coaching

At other times, a parent needs to know how to support their teen at home. Deborah Woods, NCC, offers parent coaching using evidence based parenting. Deborah has used these skills to help teens for the past 39 years.

Evidence-based Child therapy in O'Fallon, MO

Combination Package

Then there are times a family needs both. Deborah Woods, NCC, offers a combination package with both the parent coaching and individual counseling for teens. 

Evidence-Based Child Therapy in O'Fallon, MO

Counseling for Teens

By tapping into teens’ passions, hobbies, and interests, we can create a therapeutic environment that feels less like “therapy” and more like an engaging, enjoyable experience.

Through interest-based strategies, we aim to make therapy sessions fun, relatable, and meaningful for teens. By integrating their interests – whether it’s sports, music, art, gaming, or any other hobby – into the therapeutic process, we can capture their attention, spark their curiosity, and foster a deeper connection.

For example, if a teen is passionate about music, we might incorporate songwriting or music exploration into our sessions to help them express their emotions and explore their identity. If they’re into gaming, we might use gamified exercises or role-playing scenarios to teach problem-solving skills and coping mechanisms.

Engaging Teens

For many teens, the idea of therapy may not be met with enthusiasm or excitement. Sometimes, they’re here because their parents believe it’s necessary, and that’s okay. Our priority is to create a welcoming and supportive environment where teens feel heard, respected, and understood.

Rapport building is a fundamental aspect of our approach. We take the time to get to know each teen as an individual, learning about their interests, passions, and concerns. By establishing a genuine connection and finding common ground, we aim to build trust and create a safe space where teens feel comfortable opening up and sharing their thoughts and feelings.

The key is to meet teens where they are and leverage their interests as a vehicle for growth and self-discovery. By making therapy relevant to their lives and enjoyable to participate in, we can empower teens to explore their thoughts and feelings in a safe and supportive space, ultimately leading to more positive outcomes and improved mental health.

Evidence-based child therapy in O'Fallon, MO.
Evidence-based Child Therapy in O'Fallon, MO

Sparking Teen Interest

Moreover, teens are more likely to engage in therapy when they understand the benefits and see what’s in it for them. That’s why we focus on highlighting the positive outcomes and empowering aspects of the therapeutic process. Whether it’s gaining a better understanding of themselves, learning valuable coping skills, or finding support and guidance during challenging times, we strive to show teens how therapy can positively impact their lives.

We’re committed to meeting teens where they are and tailoring our approach to their unique needs and preferences. Whether they’re here by choice or at the encouragement of their parents, our goal remains the same – to empower teens to navigate life’s challenges with resilience, confidence, and self-awareness.

By emphasizing rapport building, demonstrating the value of therapy, and aligning our approach with teens’ interests and goals, we aim to foster meaningful engagement and support their growth and well-being every step of the way.


Parent-Teen Therapy

Family conflicts are a natural part of life, but when tensions arise between parents and teens, it can feel overwhelming. We recognize the importance of creating a supportive space for parents and teens to work through their differences together.

Our approach is centered around building common ground and fostering open, honest communication between parents and teens. Through a combination of family therapy, parent coaching, and teen support, we empower families to strengthen their relationships, resolve conflicts, and navigate life’s challenges with greater harmony and understanding.

We understand that each family is unique, with its own dynamics, values, and communication styles. That’s why we tailor our approach to meet the specific needs and preferences of each family we work with. Whether it’s facilitating family sessions to address specific conflicts, providing individual coaching for parents or teens, or teaching communication skills and conflict resolution strategies, our goal is to support families in finding constructive ways to interact and connect.

Evidence-based Child Therapy in O'Fallon, MO

Happy Clients

What They Say

“I highly recommend Deborah to any parent that is struggling with their child. Her teachings were extremely helpful in guiding me towards a more understanding and empathic approach with my child.”

“Deborah Woods and Playtime Power have been a complete Godsend, like 100%. A miracle. I’ve discovered how to bond with my daughter in a way I’ve never done before.”

“I was losing hope that I would ever find someone to help my son with his behavioral issues. Deborah’s program taught me so much, not only about my son but also about myself and how I parent. I have seen a steady decline in behavior issues, both at home and at preschool. I honestly did not think play therapy would help at all – but it does wonders! She is really a Godsend.”

“Highly recommend for parents looking for healthy ways to empower their headstrong children.”

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